Frickin Delights

by Cindy

Did you know that Canadians, per capita, consume the most donuts? Better add Frickin Delights to your donut list. Frickin Delights is pretty appropriately named, seeing that last weekend I got a chance to try their frickin’ delicious vegan donuts. Yes, you heard me, they’re vegan. I think some people are scared by terms such as “vegan” or “gluten-free” and they have this preconceived idea that whatever was added in replacement of traditional ingredients, will make the product less pleasant. WRONG!

Frickin' Delights at Old Strathcona Market

Frickin’ Delights at Old Strathcona Market

I first heard about Frickin Delights via Instagram, a Valentine’s Day contest for a free dozen of donuts if you participated in sharing. Social media sure has its pull on me… I wanted to try them all; they all looked delicious! So Saturday morning rolled around and I patiently waited for Joe to wake up and start our weekly date together. He’s a sleeper that one, and by 11:30am, I couldn’t wait any longer. I headed out to the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market, and headed straight for the booth (in the far left row if you’re entering from the front). It was lovely meeting Mandy, owner and donut maker of Frickin Delights and her kind soul even put aside a batch for me when I tweeted that I was on my way. Love you!

Frickin' Delights: Ingredient List

Ingredient List

Mandy’s love for her product is undeniable. She works from midnight til dawn making fifty (50?! did I hear that right?) dozen donuts for the weekly market, and also does orders and delivery throughout the week. All donuts are of two bases, vanilla or chocolate, and made with locally sourced organic ingredients, including Gold Forest Grain‘s soft white wheat flour. No food coloring is added, what you see is pure ingredients. Beautiful! She even chugs on after her fryer pooped out on her the week before Valentine’s Day and got everything together just in time. Absolute dedication from this lady.

Frickin' Delights: Assorted Donuts

Assorted Donuts

By the time I was in the car, Joe was awake and wondering if I had eaten lunch yet. No… but… look! The assorted pack of donuts (7 for $10) were begging to be eaten. I had to really fight off the urge to stuff my face in the car while waiting for him to come downstairs.

Frickin' Delights: Assorted Donuts

Assorted Donuts

From the center bottom, clockwise: cinnamon, Earl Grey, chocolate coconut, orange creamsicle, cherry, lemon-lemon, and blackberry in the center. Drool-worthy. The dough itself isn’t overly sweet, and the glazes have enough sugar so that you don’t yearn for it. Beautifully moist like your traditional cake donut would be but think about it: there’s no dairy in this! Thank goodness for apple sauce. My favorite of them all? Hard to say. I enjoyed the lemon-lemon, the blackberry, and the cherry. Ohh… but the chocolate coconut… I can’t pick a favorite. I do wish the Early Grey would have had more punch in flavor, perhaps mixed into the dough? It was a hard flavour to find.

Frickin' Delights: Taste Testing Donuts

Taste Testing Donuts

I’ve had a few friends ask me how I stay so small. I taste, friends, I taste. I’d like to think I had one donut for that night. Although taste testing lasted until Monday as I brought in half cut donuts for my coworkers to try. My manager is one of those “ohh… vegan…” folks. After his first bite, he said, “It tastes like vegan.” What does “vegan” even taste like? He tried a couple more bites… he took back what he said. He loved them! Favorite was lemon-lemon, packed full of flavor. He did ask about a nutritional label. Is it healthier than a regular donut? Good question boss! I’ll have to ask next time I see her, but he shrugged it off and replied, “Not like that would stop me from eating them.” Good point. Jessica, my other coworker, was battling an allergy attack, but that didn’t stop her from tasting either. Five stars all around! Most notable comment was the texture. Moist! Even after two days of refrigeration.

Head out to Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market and visit the booth. Guaranteed you’re in for good eats. Frickin Delights even had a booth at the City Market on 104 St last summer, I’m such a fool for missing it. You can also order online on their website and they are still trying to find a location to set up shop. Still have yet to try other flavors though, I spot Chai and raspberry on the list of ingredients. I will see you soon Mandy!

Frickin Delights
(587) 338-8044

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cory woytkiw February 26, 2014 - 9:47 AM

Awesome blog. I’m kinda bias toward Frickin Delights Donuts. Great blog post and great blog. Good job.

Cindy February 26, 2014 - 9:51 AM

Shame I didn’t see you at the booth Cory! Perhaps next visit ☺️


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