Knifewear Edmonton (Permanent!)

by Cindy

It’s finally happened! Knifewear is finally open and permanent in Edmonton! It’s been two years since I was last in the shop, buying my own Masakage, and finishing up their second pop-up this last winter, the team has permanently set up shop on Whyte Ave. They had a grand (re)-opening event this last Tuesday and I was psyched to drop by and see the new place.

Knifewear Edmonton: Storefront



Knifewear Edmonton: Grand Re-Opening

Grand Re-Opening

Joe and I dropped by after dinner at Dadeo’s. The place was packed! Free hotdogs and beer for all! Knives are on the left in glassed display cases, and shelves of merchandise and miscellaneous (but equally cool!) cooking tools on the right.

Knifewear Edmonton: Magazines


Knifewear Edmonton: Copper Pots

Copper Pots

There were so many people looking at knives that I ventured on to the right side first. Damn the budget! I want everything! Beautifully hammered copper pots? Sleek cutting boards? Primo food magazines and books? Even Joe was impressed and he doesn’t even cook!

Knifewear Edmonton: Shave Shop

Shave Shop

Shave shop in the back corner for those looking to do it the old school way. Their Calgary location is even expanding to a new shop in Inglewood for just shaving goods.

Knifewear Edmonton: Knives


Knifewear Edmonton: Knives


Knifewear Edmonton: Knives


As soon as the crowds started to clear from one display, I dived right in. Ahh… Japanese knives. Sharp. Sleek. Light. So sexy!

Knifewear Edmonton: Congratulations Knifewear!

Congratulations Knifewear!

Knifewear Edmonton: Sale!


Great opening Kevin + Knifewear team and congratulations! My knife needs sharpening so I’ll be in when all of Edmonton has had a chance to drop by and buy a knife or two! 15% off all Masakage knives until February 28! Go go!

10816 – 82 Ave
(587) 521-2034


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