Birthday Lunch: Nomiya

by Cindy

In between my two birthday dinners, you guessed it, I had a birthday lunch. Originally, I wanted brunch at Culina Mill Creek and then cake at Wild Earth Cafe, much like my last outing with my friend Sharon. Somehow though, Joe and I didn’t make it out the door to grab the early seating and the onset of Edmonton’s first snowfall made it perfect for (you guessed it!) ramen time! Ramen is one of my all time favorite foods. It’s unfortunate that Edmonton only has a few places you can go to, and even fewer you can rely on for good eats. That’s why we drove all the way to the south side for Nomiya!


They weren’t actually open when we got there at 11, fail on our part for not checking the times. So we walked around the stores around it, looking at the Dollar Store, snoozing rabbits at the pet store, and storage units at Jysk. At 11:30am, we made a beeline back and seated ourselves. One of the staff members notified us that our server would be late, which was fine by us. I’m not sure how strict they are about their shifts at the restaurant but at least two or three staff members walked into the store in the next 10 minutes. Our server came last at 11:45am. With two tables to serve right off the get-go, she quickly apologized and took our orders.

I know other bloggers who not only rate on food, they rate service, decor, ambiance, et cetera. Currently, I mostly focus on the food itself. I’ll state right now that I think I have a higher tolerance than most, in terms of waiting for food or service. Reading through Urbanspoon reviews, Nomiya’s service seemed to be a major issue. I’ve been to Nomiya multiple times and have noticed slower service, but always attributed it to them being busy, tables almost always filled. As long as I know I’m about to get good food, chances are I’m still in a good mood. Our server was very friendly and I easily forgave her, but you’ve been warned if you’re an impatient eater!

Jellyfish & Seaweed Salad

On to the food. The more important part. I would have stepped into the kitchen and brought out the food if I really had to. Having just a bowl of ramen just isn’t good enough for me anymore. That’s only one food picture! So I ordered a small salad combined of jellyfish and seaweed. I forgot what the dish was actually called but it stands out on the menu. I absolutely LOVE jellyfish salad. My favorite is still at Kyoto, but for those that are against eating sharkfin (which Kyoto mixes in with its jellyfish salad), Nomiya has a sharkfin-free alternative. Still delicious! The crunchy strips of seaweed are a nice contrast to the chewy texture of jellyfish.

Spicy Miso Ramen

Joe and I ordered identical dishes, even though I wanted to try more menu items and have more photos to share. The heart wants what the heart wants. In this case, my heart wanted a nice spicy bowl of miso ramen. With the addition of a pickled egg, of course. One thing about Nomiya, you can add a variety of things to your ramen for an extra cost, but at least you have that option. If you read about my Calgary adventure to Shikiji a couple of weeks ago, you’ll know my dismay when given no options, especially the egg. It is the ultimate topping. It can make or break your ramen! I’m over exaggerating, I know, but honestly. By the end of the bowl, I wished I had ordered two. Two thinly slices of pork are layered with corn, seaweed, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and green onion and the broth came out nice and hot! Perfect for Edmonton winter weather. I barely finished my bowl and thought it was a good portion although I’ve heard from multiple people that they thought it wasn’t filling enough. Perhaps to compensate for waiting, our portions were larger.

Now those who have tried ramen anywhere else besides Edmonton, I know what you’re thinking. This is no match for the likes of Calgary, Vancouver, Los Angeles, the list goes on. I wholeheartedly agreed. But if there is anywhere else in Edmonton that I can get a bowl of ramen (with an egg), please leave me a comment! Until then, I will make the trip to Nomiya to get my ramen fix every time!

Note: I have yet to try anything else in the menu besides these two dishes and the spinach gomae. They do have tapas and sushi and even have a happy hour menu that looks fantastic. It’s on my list of must-try!

3803 Calgary Trail
(780) 462-1300
Twitter: @NomiyaEdmonton
Facebook: Nomiya

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