Wild Earth Bakery & Cafe (89 Ave & 99 St)

by Cindy

After our brunch at Culina Mill Creek, Sharon and I still needed time to catch up and went next door to Wild Earth Bakery & Cafe for a cup of tea. I had never been before so this was great for me! Two new places in one day! As a frequent at Bon Ton Bakery and Duchess, I thought I had my bases covered. Nuh uh! I was living a rock before this!

Comfy Seating Areas

Walking into the cafe, there are multiple cozy seating arrangements, most notably the wooden chairs and table in front of the fireplace. I know where I’ll be heading when snow hits! The place was packed with people ordering soups and sandwiches, which I will have to go back and try for lunch.

Teas & Cookies

Muffins & Scones

Their displays were so mesmerizing. Freshly baked goods were still available for grabs (we were there at 2:30pm ish!) and if it weren’t for Culina’s filling eggs benedict, I would have gobbled up everything in sight! Organic teas lined the back shelves, most of which were foreign to me so I was thankful they had a tea menu for easier selection.

Cake Display

Dessert Display

Cakes galore caught my eye next. They even do custom cakes for events and there’s a whole binder to the side where you can pick your own cake layers, icings, and flavors. Note to any of my close friends reading this… my birthday is October 20 and I would like to try a cake from Wild Earth! I enjoy dark chocolate and raspberry flavors. 🙂

Raspberry White Chocolate Tart & Creme Brulee in a Jar

Organic Long Island Strawberry Green Tea

Sharon finally decided on a raspberry white chocolate tart and a blend of green tea while I bought the creme brulee in a jar (too cute!) and a Long Island strawberry green tea. Everything was delicious and we spent the next 4 hours chatting in the cafe. I wholeheartedly agreed with Sharon as she stated that it felt like we were in somebody’s home, and a very welcoming at that! I even contemplated getting another dessert after a few hours but the tea kept my stomach full and happy!

With three locations open, I’m not sure how I’ve missed this gem. Their newest location on 104 Ave and 101 St will most likely be my new coffee/tea hangout. So glad we stopped by!

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