Fifendekel’s Festival of Tarts

by Cindy

Today marks the launch of Edmonton’s Fifendekel Festival of Tarts: a month long celebration of the local pie shop cafe’s most enticing array of tarts. Starting December 1, diners are able to go into any one of four Fifendekel locations and choose their favourites from the day’s selection of flavours to make their own six-tart tray to take home and enjoy! With twelve flavours total to choose from, I’d suggest to just buy two trays to make life that much easier!

Fifendekel came from humble beginnings: with Ann and Gordon Liske opening their first shop in February 1983. It only took a hot day, the family car breaking down, and a family desire to have a good old fashioned milkshake with real milk and real ice cream, to kickstart the eatery’s concept. Pretty soon Ann started baking pastries like cinnamon buns and apple pies to go along with the ice creams and milkshakes, making Fifendekel a local favourite. Today, you can have a whole meal to compliment Fifendekel’s fresh pies, complete with sandwiches, salads and soups, all with the same special care as their pies.

Fifendekel: Selection of Tarts

Selection of Tarts

To keep things fun, Fifendekel is now doing a monthly feature, kickstarting the month of December with their first Festival of Tarts. I had the honour of “taste testing” the tarts a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many delicious tarts in one sitting before! The dough is the same for all tarts, nice light, flaky, and a perfect melt-in-your-mouth bite.

Savoury flavours include:

Fifendekel: Turkey N' Stuffing

Turkey N’ Stuffing

Fifendekel: Chipotle TurkeyFifendekel: Jacquie Fenske Showing Fifendekel's Quiche
  • Turkey N’ Stuffing: This was one of my favourites of all the savoury flavours. Turkey dinner in a bite!
  • Chipotle Turkey:  Complete with the cutest Sweety Drops pepper!
  • Quiche

Sweet flavours include:

  • Butter Tart (unpictured): These butter tarts are famous for a reason. Downright one of the best butter tarts I’ve ever had and the reason why there are no photographs of it. Droooool.
Fifendekel: Cherry CoconutFifendekel: Blueberry CrumbleFifendekel: Coconut
  • Cherry Coconut
  • Blueberry Crumble
  • Coconut
Fifendekel: ChocolateFifendekel: MincemeatFifendekel: Festive CranberryFifendekel: Lemon Tarts
  • Pecan (unpictured): A butter tart base with a nice crunch of pecans.
  • Chocolate
  • Mincemeat
  • Festive Cranberry: You can’t anymore Christmas than this tart!
  • Lemon
Fifendekel: Tips on 'Take N' Bake'Fifendekel: Tips on 'Take N' Bake'Fifendekel: Tips on 'Take N' Bake'

And if coming into the shop and narrowing down only six tarts to take home isn’t enough, you can also try their ‘Take N’ Bake Tarts’, a ready to bake kit that includes the pastry and filling and ready for you to assemble and bake in your own oven. Flavours are limited to Blueberry, Cherry, or Butter Tarts for the ‘Take N’ Bake Tarts’ but man, oh man, you really only need the Butter Tarts. To die for! Our group even got some tips for the night: folding the pastry dough into a cup before place it snugly into an oiled muffin tin will help make a uniform crust and remembering to only fill no more than 3/4 full to prevent spillage. Set the timer for 18 – 24 minutes at 350F and you’re well on your way to some delicious tarts for the night!

Fifendekel: Gluten Wise Caramel Pie

Gluten Wise Caramel Pie

Don’t forget that Fifendekel isn’t just only about pies! They also cater to private events and functions, with December specials including ‘Sausage and Cheese Platters’, ‘Naughty & Nice Hors D’Oevre Trays’ (Deviled eggs, smoked salmon on rye, goat cheese and bacon balls, chipotle tart), and ‘Savory Crepes’. Fifendekel has also been working hard on creating diabetic-friendly Cowpies and a gluten-wise Caramel Pie.

Thanks to Jacquie for the invitation and can’t wait to drop by to get some more tarts! My mom absolutely loved how easy it was to bake the ‘Take N’ Bake Tarts’ and was extremely happy with the option of adding in her own raisins to the butter tarts. She really likes her raisins. Sooooo delicious and a super carefree way to kick off a dinner party. Follow their Facebook or Twitter for more monthly features! You can look forward to Mayan Tarts in January and Cherry Cheese Tarts in February!

Fifendekel Pie Shop Cafe

Multiple Locations
Edmonton South: 9114 – 51 Avenue
Edmonton South 99 St: 3434 – 99 Street
Edmonton West: 10646 – 170 Street
Edmonton North: 12028 – 149 Street

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