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by Cindy

December was a quiet month for me, focusing more on health and balancing my must-do-everything-now lifestyle but I’m ready to hit the road running with this first post of 2015! It’ Dog, Edmonton’s newest Korean fusion hotdog and fried chicken eatery had a strong opening last Tuesday, and was packed full on the Wednesday evening when Joe and I went.

It'Dog: Storefront


It’ Dog, brought to you by the same owners as It’ Sushi in Spruce Grove, now occupies the space that was previously Badass Jack’s on 109 St and 86 Avenue, sharing its parking space with Remedy Cafe and the Movie Studios. The location is sure to be a hit with university students, those craving a bite to eat for lunch or dinner or even a late night snack. I know I would have gone in between study sessions if it were open years ago! A bonus: they’re open until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights, perfect for post-bar/club eats. They even have beer on tap to keep the party going!

It'Dog: Menu


It'Dog: Menu


Menu options are simple enough, you’ve got your hotdogs and your chicken, and for those who are a little more patriotic, a poutine. Those who have tried a Japadog on the streets of Vancouver will get a warm fuzzy feeling when reading the menu and those who have not, might be a little overwhelmed! Talk about a loaded hotdog! Not going to lie, it was hard to choose only one Korean-inspired hotdog. So naturally, I told Joe to get his own and planned for some takeout for my lunch the next day.

It'Dog: Sweet and Spicy Fried Chicken

Sweet and Spicy Fried Chicken

All orders are taken at the counter and tables are seat yourself. The space isn’t overwhelming large, seating enough for dozen or so. We decided on the sweet and spicy fried chicken (Korean fried chicken, KFC) because to not order it would be a crime. Designated KFC eats such as Wing Chicx and Coco Deep Fried Chicken are just so far south for some of us! I’m glad to see another KFC option closer to home. And guess what? It’ Dog does not disappoint. LEGIT. More on the sweeter side than on the spicy, although well balanced in my opinion. The best part of the chicken was the batter: nice and light, crispy, and perfect. Honestly, I preferred this over all other Edmonton alternatives but a direct comparison is hard when I have fried chicken so spaced apart. A must order. Pricing is on point, 5 pieces for $13 and we somehow got a bonus piece! Most exceeerreent.

It'Dog: It'Hot Dog

It’Hot Dog

I ended up getting the “It’ Hot Dog”, although the toppings didn’t nearly appeal to me as some of their other options. But as it was my first time there, I figured to order their signature dog, non? An all beef hotdog, grilled and served up on a toasted pretzel bun and topped with thinly sliced soy beef (bulgogi), tempura shrimp, mushrooms, caramelized onions, mozzarella cheese, green onions, and a sweet wasabi mayo. Holy heart attack. Talk about a New Year’s resolution killer! But well worth it. The pretzel bun is on the sweeter side and if you normally don’t get full off of a hotdog, this bun will sure do it for you. The bulgogi by itself was nicely marinated, the tempura batter crunchy and perfectly done. Together in one bite, it was a good use of textures and flavors, although predominately sweet – true to most Korean dishes. I’m not the biggest fan of wasabi, but the sauce was more on the sweet side and just a hint of wasabi. Deeeeelicious!

It'Dog: Hardcore Dog

Hardcore Dog

Joe got the “Hardcore Dog”, the name appealing to most guys I would think. Something about saying “I got the Hardcore Dog” when somebody asks, what did you get? Toppings included fresh jalapenos, spicy ground beef, a spicy sauce, pickled Thai chili, and cucumber. The cucumber was beyond tasting because the whole hotdog was just hot. Spicy spicy spicy! Talk about hardcore. Even Joe found his mouth burning and he has a pretty high tolerance for heat. He seemed to enjoy the burn though, munching happily away at the Thai chili in between bites.

On my next visit, I want to try the spicy chicken dog if for some reason I’m unable to order a hotdog and fried chicken again! The best of both worlds? Or perhaps the beef rib dog. Or the peach shrimp dog? There’s just so many to try! You can even upgrade your sausage to a smokie or a bratwurst for an extra $1, or switch to a baguette or naan bread base for a measly fifty cents. It’dog is definitely a hit for me, with unique Korean fusion hot dogs and fried chicken (and beer!). So happy Edmonton finally has an Asian-inspired hot dog eatery and can’t wait to come back for more!

It’ Dog
Facebook: It’ Dog
8621 109 St NW
(780) 438-4083

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