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#SomethingsHeatingUp. That’s what Rostizado’s social media’s been taunting us with. This whole “something’s heating up” at Mercer Building has gone long enough and now you can actually go gorge yourself on Tres Carnales’ latest venture, a modern Latin-American rotisserie, focusing on local produce! Don’t worry though, there’s still #TacoForThePeople over a few blocks.

Rostizado: Bar Snacks

Bar Snacks

I don’t think I need to explain about Dani, Chris, and Edgar’s food, because if you haven’t at least heard of them or Tres Carnales, then… well you need to follow #yegfood a little harder. Pure geniuses. I took my cousins out last night to Rostizado’s grand opening to get a first glimpse of their food. From here on out, I will refer to us as the Tres Asiatica… aHA, I’m so funny… but seriously. Three small Asian girls, one menu of meat, meat, meat. Let’s do this.

Rostizado: Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen

Firstly, I apologize for the lack of photos of the space. I just can’t focus when there’s an open kitchen and a full rotisserie of local Four Whistle Farm pork butts and chickens rotating in front of me! Seating is divided out into unique dining areas, some with long tables, a living room couch area, a sectioned off area for VIPs surrounded by a glass wall and where we were seated – the bar-style table in front of the kitchen. Just the way I like it. Who wouldn’t want to be in front of all the action? Decor is an amazing mix of mid-century with old school televisions, books, and memorabilia; grand wall murals; outstanding woodwork. Cozy and welcoming! Amanda said it reminded her of a coffee shop hangout, which is funny because it was. But the interior is totally redone and far from the old industrial look and a huge impact when you walk in (if you can ignore the rotisserie).

Rostizado: Ceviche De Robalo

Ceviche De Robalo

We started off with a couple of “Entradas” or appetizer dishes, all running at $16 but large enough to share with a group. Dani had given us the heads up that they only had two ceviche dishes left from last night’s friends and family soft opening… so we pounced on that. If you don’t like lime juice, then the cured Chilean sea bass might not be your cup of tea. You can tone down the lime juice with a bite of the orange slices and avocados and once in awhile you’ll get a hit of the habanero chiles. For me, it was ah-maaaaazing. Really enjoyed all the different notes and textures! There’s a reason why there was only two dishes left.

Rostizado: Smoked Salmon Sopes

Smoked Salmon Sopes

Cousin numero uno eyed the smoked salmon sopes, which conveniently came in threes! I’m not even the biggest fan of sopes, mostly because every time I’ve tried them, it’s been a mushy corn flour mash with a slightly under-fried texture. Not these ones! Crisp exterior, light and airy inside full of flavor. The tequila cured smoked salmon and avocado cream spread were killer! I could probably order a few plates of these and just call it a night.

Rostizado: Platter for 2

Platter for 2

But what do you do when you want to try everything? You order platters. Rostizado has a platter for two with a combination of their rosti-pollo (chicken) and rosti-puerco (pork), served up with some rost-papa (potatoes) and tortillas for wrapping.

Rostizado: Tres Asiatica?

Tres Asiatica?

Platter for two is a slight exaggeration as none of us thought that we could finish it if there were only two of us. Then again we’re three small Asian girls who already ordered appetizers. And wanted dessert. But we went all out anyways and went for it. Leftovers are your friend! Meats are served up on one of Oliver Apt‘s gorgeous engraved walnut boards.

Rostizado: Rosti-Pollo


The Rosti-Pollo is a dry rubbed chicken, roasted for an hour – an hour and a half, until crispy on the outside. Huge flavor on the skin, so much so that I wished rubs would penetrate more into the meat! So delicious though and in addition to the pasilla-tomatillo salsa, it can do some serious damage to you.

Rostizado: Rosti-Puerco


Alongside our platter, cousin numero dos also ordered the rosti-puerco cemitas, or sandwich, originating from Puebla, Mexico. It’s the same pork on the platter, slow roasted and sliced to order. The pork was my favorite, packing a whole whack of flavor, seasonings, and spices. There’s even a fresh chimichurri, a green Argentinean sauce, to top it all off.

Rostizado: Pulled Cheese

Pulled Cheese

No, I lie. What topped it all off was the pulled cheese! It wasn’t oozing or anything but it was an awesome addition to the cemita! Drippings and a fresh sesame baked bun made the sandwich a home run in my books and also the best value for your wallet at $16. Like the platter, it was also served up with some roasted potatoes with roasted cloves of garlic (sooooo good!).

Rostizado: Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower

Veggie-lovers aren’t left behind at Rostizado! There’s the queso fundido, a skillet of melting smoked gouda and Monterrey Jack cheese with wild mushrooms, chiles, and onions served up with bread, which we didn’t have room to order (sad face). There’s also a seasonal vegetarian cemita, and sides like the roasted cauliflower (photographed), seasoned with spices and chile de árbol. A gorgeous side plate and what looked popular amongst other tables.

Rostizado: Churros Con Dulce De Leche

Churros Con Dulce De Leche

If anybody was keeping track, it was definitely Rostizado 1, Tres Asiatica 0. We were so defeated but so happy at the same time. Roasted chicken and pork tomorrow for lunch? And dinner? It’s a win-win situation really. And nothing could stop us (or me) from ordering the churros con dulce de leche. I’ve written about my churro love before. I even have a kit waiting for me to experiement with. I can honestly say that these are the best churros I’ve had. Ever. Crispy on the outside, perfectly cooked and slightly chewy on the inside. Dipped into the dulce de leche, it was AMAZEBALLS. Dani believes it’s because of the Mexican cinnamon that they use. Maybe it’s the fact that I can see my order of churros being made in the back corner to order. Or maybe they’re just magical and we’ll leave it at that. SO GOOD.

So so so happy that Rostizado is open now. A great addition to Edmonton’s dining scene, wonderful staff and service for opening night (it was packed!). You need to try it out. For those on a budget, highly recommend their cemitas (sandwiches) as their rotisserie can run a little high. But for a family-style meal, you have to get the rotisserie! Will definitely be back for the pork and to try out the rest of the appetizer menu (the Albondigas, a meatball dish, looked amazing!). Save room for the churros, thank me later. They don’t take reservations, so you better head on down for dinner before people figure out they’re open. Lunch service will be starting Wednesday, August 12 in addition to dinner service. You can even order take out and expect the meal in a few minutes. Something’s heating up all right.

#102, 10359 104 St
(780) 761-0911

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