Sushi Wasabi

by Cindy

Everybody has a favorite sushi place in Edmonton and Sushi Wasabi is one of mine. New sushi restaurants can pop up here and there but when it comes down to it, it’s hard to beat favorites for a reason! Stellar food (in this case, fresh fish), good speedy service, family-owned, are just the few things I look for in restaurants. Sadly enough, those are the ones that I don’t actually post a lot about. They’re the restaurants that don’t have a lot a hype and are easily missed on big lists, such as Avenue’s Best Restaurants, or the like. So this will save me from answering the common question, “What’s your favorite sushi place in Edmonton?” Sushi Wasabi for nigiri sushi and sashimi. Ichiban if I’m feeling like eating rolls… that post will come eventually.

Sushi Wasabi: Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar

There’s been only one time Joe and I were seated at the bar. I wish I was brave enough to strike up a conversation with the seasoned staff behind the counter but I never did. Maybe one day if they’re not busy… which is almost never. But one day!

Sushi Wasabi: Tanuki


Instead, I pay attention to little details like the ever-moving tanuki. You might have seen him in other Japanese restaurants, but this one was quite prominent at the sushi bar on our previous visits. He’s since moved to the front counter. What’s so special about him you say? He’s the Japanese equivalent of the waving cat in Chinese restaurants! He’s a Japanese raccoon dog that brings prosperity to a business, and I must say this tanuki has definitely done a good job for Sushi Wasabi. He has the following attributes: with a straw hat, prepared for unexpected trouble; a big belly, a virtue of levelheadedness and confidence; a sake flask (left hand), symbolizing gratitude for daily food and drink; a promissory note (right hand), for sincerity and gaining one’s trust; and a giant scrotum, a “gold bag or sack” to promise the expansion of wealth and luck. Honestly, the things I learn from the internet! But it’s stuff like this that makes me enjoy dining out. I love looking up ingredients, or different methods of cooking, or something as simple as this little fella! Fact of the day for ya.

Sushi Wasabi: Chirashi Bowl

Chirashi Bowl

Anyways, the food is fantastic. Obviously. On our last visit, Joe had a chirashi bowl, which means “scattered” bowl. A rice bowl topped with whatever the chef has for the day, always including sashimi and fish roe. That day was a surf clam, octopus, tuna and salmon sashimi, ebi shrimp, tamago (egg), mushrooms and cucumbers! An awesome assortment for the seafood lover.

Sushi Wasabi: Salmon Hosomaki & Hamachi Nigiri

Salmon Hosomaki & Hamachi Nigiri

My lunch, although not as colorful and impressive as Joe’s, was just as good though. I absolutely need salmon whenever I eat sushi, either in a hosomaki form like pictured, or in nigiri form. Last week I had a hankering for hosomaki and a couple pieces of hamachi (Japanese amberjack or yellowtail) nigiri. Mmm, both so buttery and creamy. I can eat this for days. If you’re not a fan of wasabi, watch out for their nigiri pieces, there’s wasabi in between the sashimi and rice. You’re at Sushi Wasabi!

And there you have it! My favorite sushi place for sushi and sashimi. It’s a small space so make sure you reserve a table during peak hours and especially on Fridays and weekends. My coworker’s favorite is their California Roll (are you thinking, whaaaat?) but theirs has grapefruit in it and the larger variety is the size of a hockey puck! I’m not the biggest fan of that particular roll but definitely something to try if you haven’t yet. Parking is available in the lot. Go check it out!

Sushi Wasabi
5714 – 111 St
(780) 433-0533

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Jamel May 29, 2014 - 2:39 PM

There is a typo here! It says 111 Ave but it’s actually 111 St.. A lot further from my house, sadly. =[

Cindy May 29, 2014 - 4:13 PM

Thanks Jamel for the correction!


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