Coco Deep Fried Chicken

by Cindy

Who doesn’t like good fried chicken? Who doesn’t like Korean fried chicken? If you’ve never had this particular KFC, I highly recommend you get yourself down south side Edmonton and check out Coco Deep Fried Chicken. They only sell chicken. Fair warning, because I had coerced Joe into coming with me and when he asked if there was Korean style soups, I replied with a solid yes without even really thinking. Oops. Opened late last year, I was a little late in trying. Oh Southside… why are you so far.

Coco Deep Fried Chicken: Storefront


The place isn’t the hardest place to find but if you’re unfamiliar with the southside, it really helps to have a look at a map beforehand. Travelling south on 99 St which turns into Parsons Road, it’s on the southwest block at the intersection of 34 Ave. It’s located in a small strip mall and with plenty of parking.

Coco Deep Fried Chicken: Counter


Chiiiiiicken! Everything chicken. From pieces, to strips, to even chicken and waffles (mmm!). There’s also to go boxes everywhere, which seems to be their main stay of business but tables are available for you to dine in.


Coco Deep Fried Chicken: Half and Half Chicken

Half and Half Chicken

Coco Deep Fried Chicken: Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken

Disappointed that there was no other Korean fare (I’m so sorry Joe), we ordered the family pack, half and half chicken. 5 pieces of each of their chicken pieces, one that was without sauce and the other with. Oh my goodness, drool. Crispiest, and juiciest deep fried chicken I’ve had yet. Fried piece by piece too. The pieces without sauce were a tad underseasoned, I really stress a tad, as Joe pointed it out in comparison to your standard Kentucky Fried Chicken. The sauce is your traditional Korean sauce, on the sweeter side. I expected more heat but the most I got was a little kick in the after taste. The combo also comes with a can of Coke and a side of pickled Daikon, crunchy and a good break in between chicken pieces.

This was my first time at Coco Deep Fried Chicken and I have only been to Wing Chicx once, many moons ago. From what I remember, the sauce at Wing Chicx was spicier but I don’t recall having the same crispy, moist sensation as I did with Coco’s. Good thing Liv seems to agree, although I will eventually order both at the same time to compare. I absolutely loved the chicken at Coco Deep Fried Chicken though, and I will definitely be making more trips to south side Edmonton just for it! Never again will the word “KFC” actually mean Kentucky Fried Chicken. Give it a try!


Coco Deep Fried Chicken
3350 Parsons Road
(780) 990-4304

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