Hundred Bar and Kitchen

by Cindy

Last weekend, I ended up at Hundred Bar and Kitchen. Just as I had previously wanted to try Woodwork and ended up at MRKT a few weeks prior, yet again plans go awry. I was due for a catch up date with my friend and we had agreed to meet at Craft Beer Market, one of Edmonton’s newest in the trend of a gazillion beers on tap. I exaggerate, obviously. But 6PM, Saturday, with no reservations and my misconceived notion that people stay at home during the winter, Craft was fully packed, bar area and all, with an hour and a half wait for two. Not long after I inquired about seating did a slurry of people come behind me, also with disappointed looks. As one gentleman proclaimed, “Who goes outside in this weather?!” Misconceived notion, good sir. Misconceived.

And so we hobbled over to Hundred Bar and Kitchen. Having been there only once before, I figured, yea why not, let’s review this instead. Being a part of the Century Hospitality Group, it is one of the seven (soon to be eight!) restaurants of the Edmonton-based company. Surely they have done something right if they can expand numerous ventures.

100 was sparse, with no more than a quarter of the tables filled. Throughout the night more tables filled, although I suspect most did not plan on coming particularly to 100 that night. The restaurant is dimly lit, a sultry, sexy mood to it with dark walls and tables and shaded lighting. Waitresses are dressed in the classic black dress, although most had a length where you could say was borderline too short. With the weather outside being what it was, I hoped they changed at the start of their shift!

Hundred Bar and Kitchen: Margherita Flat Bread

Margherita Flat Bread

We ordered the margherita flat bread to share as a starter. Freshly baked and a good thickness of crust, the dish did do a good job of mimicking a margherita pizza. Fresh mozzarella, a house made roasted tomato sauce, basil, extra virgin olive oil, and parmesan as toppings although the parmesan was a hard find. Overall, it wasn’t anything spectacular. In fact, it left something to be desired. A tad bland, perhaps the fault of the sauce. It was good enough to finish though, which we did.

Hundred Bar and Kitchen: Free Range Chicken

Free Range Chicken

My friend ordered the free range chicken, pan roasted, accompanied by sweet potato dumplings, roasted brussel sprouts, beans, baby carrots, and pan jus. I did not try the dish as it didn’t appeal to me, but my friend said it was okay. I did get a bite of the sweet potato dumpling though, which was left in almost its purist form, the sweetness coming out of the bright orange dough.

Hundred Bar and Kitchen: Taglietelle


I ended up ordering the tagliatelle after a debate between that or the duck confit. The house made pasta came with wild BC forest mushroom cream sauce, capers, a good amount of pancetta, and roasted garlic. I decided to add a chicken breast to it, after the offer from our server. Good work of up-selling, as she had offered the house made chorizo to go along with our flatbread as well. My dish was a good hefty portion after the addition of the chicken. The pasta was well cooked, although a couple more times through the roller would have been appreciated since the mushroom cream sauce was on the heavier side. The chicken was bland, and on the verge of dryness but not quite there. When I brought the leftovers home to Joe, he seemed unimpressed although thankful I had brought him a late dinner. He ended up covering the whole thing in sriracha.

The night was enjoyable but moreso from the company and very little part of the meal. This is the second time that I have left Hundred Bar and Kitchen with not more than a full stomach, a lighter wallet, and unmemorable food. Our dishes (no drinks) totaled to $67, not including tip. For that kind of price, I expect spectacular food and not even because I’m on a budget. Edmonton’s downtown has way more to offer and if you can brave the winter weather, I recommend going to those alternatives. Don’t think Hundred Bar and Kitchen will ever make my A list as it barely qualifies as a B list option. Service was good though, with multiple revisits to the table asking how things were and the food done in a timely manner. The lesson here? Make reservations to your plan A or else your plan B could end up being a few letters down.

Hundred Bar & Kitchen
10009 – 101A Ave
(780) 425-0100
Twitter: @centuryhg
Facebook: Century Hospitality

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