ROAST Coffeehouse

This location has closed since the writing of this post.

Hope everybody had a nice Valentine’s Day yesterday! I had a great dinner which lead right into our trip to San Francisco so I’ll have to write about it later! In the mean time, just wanted to post up my visit to ROAST Coffeehouse on 104 St!

ROAST Coffeehouse

ROAST Coffeehouse

It took me a long time to make my way down to ROAST but I finally did it. As much as I love the atmosphere of Transcend (may you return to downtown one day) and Credo, I think I like ROAST the best! Something about the wooden interior, the expansive seating areas and trendy wallpaper makes it a place where I’d want to sit and relax.



Joe and I went on a Sunday afternoon and the place was pretty bustling from what would have expected. Another plus: their menu is extensive, serving up specialty drinks as well (Credo, please expand, I can’t drink straight coffee!). ROAST also serves food and wine after 4pm, which makes me want to return ASAP!

Latte and Dark Chocolate Mocha

Latte and Dark Chocolate Mocha

For that day though, we were happy with our drinks. Joe and his regular latte, decorated with their signature ‘R’ (to go, because he just had a cup of coffee with breakfast), and a dark chocolate mocha for me. This is the first time I’ve ever had a mocha where I didn’t find was too bitter (aside from anything served at Starbucks, pure cream and sugar). Absolutely loved my drink!

ROAST Coffeehouse, thus far, is my favorite out of all coffee hangouts. Runner-up: Wild Earth Bakery. I only wished I discovered these places when I was in school! Perfect place to study. What’s your favorite coffee place?

ROAST Coffeehouse
10359 – 104 St
(780) 669-0221

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  1. Daniel McFlarty
    February 15, 2013 at 9:20 AM — Reply

    i personally like Remedy in Garneau
    Chai Latte ~ yummm

  2. February 15, 2013 at 3:53 PM — Reply

    I was going to review this one, myself! It seems like we hit the same places at roughly the same times. 🙂

    You’re right about Roast having such an amazing atmosphere; it reminds me of coffeehouses back in England, except this one is about four times the normal size! But any coffeehouse that serves charcuterie plates alongside such delicious coffee will always be in my good books.

    Next time, try the salted caramel latte.

    -C xx

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