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One of my friends goes out of town a lot for work and the day after he flew back in, it was time for a catch-up night! Both north-siders, we opted for the convenience of EAST, a restaurant brought to you by the same group that owns Lazia and Wildflower Grill. I’ve been to East a couple of times before, both times happy with the dishes and the meal overall. Just about time I wrote about it is all.

Roti Canai

Roti Canai

Dishes are meant to be shared, Asian-style! All three visits, I’ve had the roti canai. It’s a bit different from the roti you get at other Malaysian restaurants, such as Tropika. This one is a bit more flaky and… buttery? I can taste butter or margarine, which normally you don’t. Portion sizes are pretty big for what you’d normally get as well. Their sauce is outstanding, yet not too spicy for the average palate. I could keep peeling layers of roti and eat a whole meal of it if you kept serving these to me.

"Old Town" Chicken Satay

“Old Town” Chicken Satay

The chicken satay came out looking stunning and with the sauce, they were great. I’ve been told that despite it’s appearance, it’s not as “authentic” tasting as the satay in traditional Malaysian cooking. My response: you’re at a “modern Chinese with a Malaysian twist” restaurant… I don’t think you should expect “traditional” or “authentic”. But trust, the moist chicken is still a solid dish.

Beef Rendang

Beef Rendang

My favorite of the night, the beef rendang: braised beef in curry and coconut milk sauce. The sauce is somewhat similar to the roti canai sauce although richer and more flavorful in terms of spices. The beef was braised perfectly, nice and moist, meat falling off type bites. I wouldn’t mind a bit more coconut milk to make it more creamy but we ordered the coconut rice to go with it which worked out fine. I’ve never actually had their regular rice before but I can imagine how tiresome this could get if the plain rice was dry.

Purple Rice Pudding

Purple Rice Pudding

I forget what this dish is actually called, but it’s a purple rice pudding. My guest was so looking forward to getting a bite of this, he completely forgot of my need to photograph dishes despite knowing me for years. Shame on you. Mixed with coconut milk and tapioca pearls, this bowl was serving piping hot (and I mean piping). This led to a discussion of how only Asian food comes out piping hot… never Caucasian. Is this true? I can’t think of any hot Western dishes… Anyways, this was nice and surprisingly sweet, despite it’s liquid-y gooey appearance and a great way to end the meal. Will have to order desserts more often here!

Other dishes I’ve tried before on previous visits:

Instagram - East

Instagram – East

  • silver needle noodles (white wheat noodles with minced pork, fried shallots, mushrooms, dark soya, and egg): very unique! I’ve never tried anything like it and the texture of the noodles is interesting. It looks like clear worms… but it’s pretty delicious. You might grow tired of the chewy texture by the end of the meal so be sure to order another dish alongside.
  • chicken curry: although moist, and flavorful, I didn’t think too highly of the dish as my mom makes a similar yellow curry chicken at home. But the couple who told me originally about East when it first opened loved it!
  • laksa (not shown): Sharon told me this wasn’t traditional at all and wasn’t as good as getting laksa from other restaurants, which I agreed. Was mediocre.

Great place to grab some Asian food when you’re a) on the north side of Edmonton, b) not in the mood for pho or Swiss donairs, c) like visual photos of all menu items or any combination of above! Service is superb, quick and very professional. Decor is modern and the restaurant is very clean. Will keep returning to try different menu items until I run out of things to try!

16049 – 97 St
(780) 457-8833

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