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Almost three weeks ago, our city of Edmonton added a new breakfast spot to its repertoire: De Dutch. A franchise based in Vancouver, the downtown location is the first outside of BC, and brought the excitement to breakfast and brunch lovers to the tune of when Montreal’s Cora’s first came to us. Not only does De Dutch have the usual breakfast and brunch fare, they are known for their Dutch pancakes, or pannenkoek. My first experience with such a dish was in Calgary just last month even though I had visited Amsterdam a few years prior. I’m not a big breakfast/brunch eater although occasionally I’ll get the cravings for a heartier meal.

Front Room

Front Room

To start off December right, I had a particular urge to go see the Festival of Trees at the Shaw Conference. What better way than to wake up, grab some breakfast, and start holiday cheer! Joe and I arrived at noon last Saturday, along with all the other late brunchers. The tables were packed, lots of families and children. The front room had a nice mural to bicycles, Amsterdam’s choice of transportation. There were a couple of groups ahead of us and by the time we were up front for the next table, at least five other parties arrived after us. The hostess at the front seemed quite busy and never asked anybody for names or number in their party… quite odd seeing that an organizational log was up at the front for it. Either she is skilled at remembering which party came first and how many to the party or heavily relied on the patron’s honor system.





We were seated by 12:30pm, no complaints for either of us since nobody actually told us how long the wait would be. In the back room, the warm decor continued throughout. Maps of major cities in Netherlands, clocks, peep holes to the back kitchen, and a warm fireplace were the most noteworthy.



The menu is extensive, something for everyone: regular breakfast fare (ie. eggs, ham, bacon, toast), their pannenkoek (both savory and sweet), sandwiches and burgers.



Always wanting to try the specialty (why wouldn’t you?), Joe and I both ordered a pannenkoek each. I had the “Boer’s” or “Farmer’s” pannenkoek: the thin pancake topped with hash browns, ham, DeBakon (pork cottage roll, not bacon!), Bratwurst sausage, eggs, and Hollandaise. Yuuuummy! Also, I added slices of Edam cheese to top it off. I’ll admit that I could only eat half of my dish but it was well done. The pancake itself was quite different from the one we had in Calgary, being lighter and fluffier and not as salty. It was a lot easier to eat and I prefer this than the house 300km south of us. The Hollandaise was a nice touch, as it came in a small side dish which you could pour on top or dip your bites into. The hash browns were a little under seasoned although apparently it’s also their specialty.



Joe ordered the “Amsterkoek”, eggs, Edam, ham, Hollandaise, and a tomato garnish. Finishing the whole meal, he seemed happy with his choice and enjoyed my Bratwurst sausage as an added protein. He did comment that the dishes should have some sort of fruit garnish though to balance them out. Too much fruit though and you’re diving into Cora’s terrritory!

Although it took another half hour for our dishes to arrive, making the total wait time one hour, I thought it was worth the wait. If you were really in a rush, then I highly suggest making your breakfast in your own kitchen. Otherwise, I think most people know to expect a wait a reasonable amount of time for breakfast or brunch on a Saturday morning. Once seated, our server was quick to get our coffees and our orders and if you look through the peep holes, you can clearly see the kitchen in a frenzy, pushing out pannenkoek after pannenkoek. I would come here again a few more times to try different dishes, especially if I’m in the downtown area and walking from Joe’s place. Not sure where everybody else parks and there’s unfortunately construction in the area right now which makes the location less than desirable for families with children. All in all though, good eats!

De Dutch
10030 Jasper Ave
(587) 520-8841
Twitter: @dedutch
Facebook: De Dutch

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  1. Daniel McFlarty
    December 3, 2012 at 9:23 AM — Reply

    Reminds me of the German Pancake w/ bacon they have at Barb and Ernie’s! I’ll have to stop by sometime :)

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