Naan-o-licious: The Naan Bar

by Cindy November 12, 2012
10331 82 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 705-5570
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If you follow Urbanspoon (it’s already bookmarked on my laptop and I’m considering it as my browser’s homepage), you’ll notice that a little restaurant by the name of Naan-o-licious has crept it’s way on the “Talk of the Town” list. It’s been in top 10 for some time now so I’ve decided to dig up photos to share with you my experience when I ate there back in September.

Part of the New Asian Village group, the restaurant can be for quick bites or a sit down dinner. Joe had spontaneously mentioned the place and said his coworker loved it, cheap and good eats. They weren’t lying! The menu is pretty extensive and is a fast-but-not-so-fast food version of Indian cuisine. Naan breads is one of my favorite breads, the texture is soft and chewy and able to compliment any curry you could think of.

Fish Pakoras

We started off by ordering vegetable pakoras. Our order got put in wrong though and we got fish pakoras instead. I’m not usually a fan because they never seem to crisp up as nicely as potato and onion pakoras but it was still edible.

Butter Chicken Fries

We also had to get the butter chicken fries, because really, doesn’t it sound genius? It was. Served hot in a beautiful bowl, it was basically an Indian poutine after we added cheese for an extra $1. Joe thought it was just butter chicken sauce over top of fries, but no sir! Full on piece of chicken dotted in between our fries. Eating the dish would be a meal in itself!

Keema Naan

Joe and I made the mistake of ordering our own dishes instead of sharing. We were fairly new at eating out with each other at the time. We’ve learned since then, share share share! With my ambitious stomach, I decided to order the keema naan, a ground beef filled version of the what would be plain naan. Joe ordered the chicken tikka naan which was a lot spicier than mine. Both of us only finished half that day and I remember eating the buttery goodness the next day. The naan breads are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Although the strong smell of butter would make you think otherwise, the naan pieces weren’t greasy at all. Delicious! Most definitely an interesting concept with fillings in the middle baked into the naan bread.

Free Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo After One Hour

After our eats, there was a free henna tattoo station set up by one of the owner’s family members. Sweet! Not sure if it’s still available but it was a great promo. In hindsight, we should have ordered maybe one savory naan and save our stomachs for a sweet one. Most definitely have to go back soon to try their sweeter creations! At such low prices, Naan-o-licious deserves the hype it’s getting. Great for snacking, dinner, and late night eats!

Naan-o-licious: The Naan Bar on Urbanspoon

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