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by Cindy

Everybody has their own favorite restaurants, their go-to when they want good eats and aren’t up to taking the risk of trying a new place. I’ve decided to do add-on the series of “More!”, where I feel like the one post (the original) is just not enough to sum up the place that I ate.

If you can remember my first post on TZiN Wine & Tapas, it left both me and Joe very happy and full! And to be honest, ever since then, we compare the dinners that we eat that are of similar style or price range to Tzin. It’s become a habit now to say, “Would you rather eat here again? Or Tzin?” Tzin wins every time.

After going to the Edmonton Ski and Snowboard Show at the EXPO, lunch at Pho Hoan Pasteur on Kingsway Avenue, and a little shopping at the mall, we headed back downtown to take a nap before heading out to dinner and go see Noël Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Snow Patrol. With the first signs of winter, we were really craving something warm and soup-y again and hot pot was on my mind… until I remembered the lingering smell you get in your hair and your clothes after you leave. Can’t go to a concert smelling like that! Panic started (for me anyways), where to eat? Where to eat?! Concert started at 7:30pm so it would be an early dinner for us. No reservations anywhere on a Saturday night. Then Joe casually says, “Tzin?” I hightailed it to a computer to reserve on Open Table: 4:45pm for two reserved!

Seating Area

Wine Bar


At such an early seating, the restaurant was empty and outside light was still pouring in. Perfect! Last time I was there it was very dark and I had to use the flash on my phone for the pictures. I absolutely hate flash for food pictures and will only do so when I’m desperate! I got a chance to take a photo of the banquet seating since it was empty. Lots and lots of pillows! Also go a brighter photo of the wine bar, a beautiful selection.
The menu was almost the same as last month’s with a couple of dishes changed. I noticed my duck breast with the best cherries in the world were off the list but the baked brie dish was still available. Oh-so-very-tempting… but no. I was determined to try other dishes. Joe had no such luck and re-ordered his dish from last month.

Grilled Scallops

Close-Up Grilled Scallop

First up, grilled scallops! Served on top of a bacon onion relish, they looked delicious! Very well cooked although the bacon flavor did come through a lot. We seem to order scallops every time it’s on a menu and seeing that we just had The Marc’s scallops the night before, it was a good opportunity to compare. Both had bacon in the dish. Joe preferred the Marc’s, less of the bacon flavor, a little more fresh due to the fava beans. I enjoyed both dishes and couldn’t really choose a favorite. I know Chef McGuire loves his bacon! Speaking of which, he’s the first chef I’ve met in person which made the meal even more memorable!


The special of the weekend was described to us as a hot pot of chorizo sausage, tomatoes, and gnocchi. Hearing the words “hot pot”, I looked at Joe with the face of “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Presentation was super cute, served in a little red pot with toasted crostini on the side. I absolutely loved this dish. It was warm, comforting, and surprisingly not heavy at all. Our server said that it was such a hit last night that it might make it on the menu. YES PLEASE! I could eat a whole bowl of that as my main entrée!

Wild Mushroom Spinach Tart

Last savory dish of the night: Joe’s warm mushroom spinach tart with Gruyère cheese and a Merlot-truffle vinaigrette. Although it wasn’t a new dish to us, it was still as yummy as the first time. I thought the tart tasted more earth-y this time around, maybe more of the vinaigrette on the spinach but Joe swore they used different mushrooms. I’m no mushroom connoisseur and it’s really not my place to question things too much when I’m busy eating something delicious. The mind just shuts down when you eat good food!


Only ordering three tapas for the night, we still had room for dessert. The flourless chocolate torte was an option on our first visit but we chose the lemon tart for a fresher ending that night. This time, we chose the torte served with a scoop of berry sorbet. Delicious! And the torte had a very nice texture, not too heavy although I could have used another scoop of the sorbet. This is no fault the restaurant’s, I blame Joe for just eating the sorbet by itself and not pairing it with the cake!

Service was excellent and very informative. At the end of our meal, one of the servers was also honest enough to take $2 off our bill because Joe’s beer came as a bottle instead of the menu’s stated larger can. Greatly appreciated! After two winning meals, Tzin is now one of my new favorite restaurants. I highly recommend it and make sure you make reservations. As we left the completely-filled restaurant, I couldn’t help but think about the baked brie from our first visit. I’ll have to order that again for my third time around! With each visit, I think deciding on dishes will just get harder and harder!

TZiN Wine and Tapas
10115 – 104 St
(780) 428-8946
Twitter: @tzin104
Facebook: TZiN Wine & Tapas

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