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by Cindy October 28, 2012

I’m sure you’ve all heard about pubcrawls: drinking from one pub for an hour or so before hopping over to the next pre-determined pub, usually hitting up four pubs for the night. Those days have passed me and instead I go on dishcrawls now! Jumping from restaurant to restaurant and sampling a dish at each one, now that’s my kind of crawl! This dishcrawl is my second one. The first was a couple weeks ago, featuring pub food down on Whyte Ave. With the way that one was planned and the lighting, it was difficult to take photos and would have made an awful post. This time around though, I have the photos and can share!

For October, Dishcrawl had four events set up, the most I’ve ever seen. You can subscribe to the email list to be notified of when events are on sale or follow them on twitter. They sell out pretty quickly, with around 45 tickets per event. Restaurants are a surprise and only the general area is given, making it more exciting. The restaurants are within a block or two of each other so the whole group walks together to their next dish.

Bacon Cheeseburger Perogies from Hundred Bar & Kitchen

Our first stop was at Hundred Bar & Kitchen, part of the Century Hospitality Group. This is my second time to Hundred and with good memories from the last, I was excited to try a new dish. Sadly, I didn’t get my new dish! Out came the bacon cheeseburger perogies which I had already tried. They were delicious nevertheless and I happily ate my share of the dish, served for two.

Hundred Bar & Kitchen
10009 – 101A Ave
(780) 425-0100
Twitter: @centuryhg
Facebook: Century Hospitality

Hundred Bar Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Hungarian Sausage from Bistro Praha

One block over, we headed to Bistro Praha for our next dish. This time a Hungarian sausage, seasoned with Hungarian paprika from Vancouver and a side of potato salad. The dish was well done although nothing fantastic. I was eye-ing the menu, however, and with a good selection of schnizel, I wouldn’t mind coming back to try! The drinks menu also featured Czech beer, something I had never seen anywhere else. Joe tried the Krusovice (light) and said it wasn’t bad. Most noticeable is the decor of the restaurant, bringing me back to the couple of days I was in Prague. Very cute place!

Bistro Praha
10117 – 101 St
(780) 424-4218

Bistro Praha on Urbanspoon

Spanokopita from It’s All Greek To Me

Last entree of the night, spanakopita, a spinach and feta cheese mixture wrapped in phyllo pastry at It’s All Greek To Me. Served with a large helping of tzatziki sauce, the spanakopita was crisp and very well done. I’ve never had a bad spanakopita though so who knows how this dish can go wrong.

It’s All Greek To Me
10127 – 100A Ave
(780) 425-2073

It's All Greek To Me on Urbanspoon

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bomb from Lazia

One more dish – a dark chocolate covered raspberry ganache-like cake. Beautifully presented and everybody’s dish had a different couverture chocolate design. Very filling and you got a bite of raspberry liqueur or real raspberries every time. Looking at the rest of the menu, Lazia has an Asian fusion thing going on, something I’ve never tried or had real interest in before. I’d give it a chance for dinner but ratings make me wary of Lazia. Apparently it is in the same group of owners as Wildflower Grill and East, both of which have fantastic food! Who would have thought. Overall, not a bad way to end the night!

Suite A113, 10200 – 100 St
(780) 990-0188

Lazia (Ed City Centre West Street Level) on Urbanspoon

For the price, you’re definitely paying for the experience more so than the food. If you’re looking to try multiple new restaurants in a certain area and meet new people, this is a great event. We met great people and even made a couple new friends! If you’re looking for the best meal of your life, you’re probably better off doing so on your own! Dishcrawl is also available in other cities so it’d be a nice option for those traveling and only have a night to explore the food scene.

Dishcrawl Edmonton

Twitter: @dishcrawl
Facebook: Dishcrawl

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Min November 3, 2012 - 9:51 PM

Ooh! I went on a dishcrawl here in Austin as well! It was a lot of fun!

Bistro Praha | let's om nom November 30, 2012 - 9:01 AM

[…] Praha caught our eyes when Joe and I had the Hungarian sausage on the last Dishcrawl we attended. The rest of the menu looked interesting and last Sunday we managed to finally give it a go. During […]


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