Bengal Restaurant

by Cindy October 15, 2012

Indian food isn’t my favorite but once in a while I’ll get a hankering for some curry and naan bread. Just this last Saturday, I was able to get my fix while catching up with my friend Jon. For those of you unfamiliar with Jon, he’s a Groupon (and other deal sites alike) extraordinaire. Although I follow the deals as much as I can, I can always count on Jon the food deal…and bring me along!

Bengal Restaurant

This time around, we went to Bengal Restaurant. Located in a strip mall filled with Indian eats, it’s tucked away at the end of the parking lot. Offering a $10 lunch buffet, and a $11 dinner buffet (ridonk!), I was already excited for some cheap good eats. Inside, the decor is bland and a bit outdated, and a sad little buffet table of six or so items was pushed to the side.

Meat Dishes

Seafood Menu

The restaurant had only three tables filled for the night, all of which were questioning the limitations of the Groupon! Surprisingly, everything on the menu was up for grabs. The Groupon included one appetizer, two entrees with naan and rice, and two desserts. For $24. Twenty-four bucks. Super cheap, it’s no wonder everybody there had the deal. With that in mind, we ordered our food with no hesitations.

Fish Pakoras

We ordered the fish pakoras as our appetizers. I don’t know why I keep trying fish pakoras because it’s never as good as the vegetable pakoras. It’s never as crispy! Always order the vegetable pakoras. The dish was well seasoned though, even with a chewier texture.


Naan Bread

Our two entrees came with rice and naan bread. The rice was nicely seasoned and went well with our dishes. They had a variety of naan bread you could order, including garlic and onion ones. We opted for just the regular one, having forgotten all about the flavored ones. It was still delicious though, made fresh and still warm by the end of the meal.

Our desserts, mango lassi for the both of us, actually came before our entrees. A smoothie of mango, yogurt, water, and spices, this was super yummy! Half my glass was finished before I realized I didn’t take a photo. Woops!


The rezala, your choice of chicken or lamb, cooked in a tomato sauce, yogurt, and special spices, was decent. It was a quite a lot for one person but with these dishes, everything is meant to be shared. It wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be, but still very rich in flavor. The lamb was tender and not as game-y as some styles of cooking would showcase. A great alternative for beef lovers!

Goan Shrimp

My favorite was the shrimp, cooked with shredded coconut, bay leaves, cinnamon, and coconut milk. Although bordering along the side of Malaysian food, this dish was sweet and creamy, a good pairing with the lamb. Both dishes had to be eaten quickly though, as the sauces started to thicken and clump once they cooled.

Overall, a very good meal and well worth the $24. Not even sure how they’re making money. As we finished, the place had gained a couple more tables — all first timers and asking about the menu. Even without the Groupon, the prices are a steal! Having only been open for two months, Bengal Restaurant is doing a great job and was smart about doing a Groupon. If I’m ever in the area, I’ll be sure to try more dishes!

Bengal Restaurant
2-9261 – 34 Ave
(780) 485-2091

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