Culina Mill Creek

by Cindy October 2, 2012

This restaurant is now permanently closed.

I officially ended September by spending the day with Sharon, one of my closest friends. We originally had plans to do the Dishwalk in downtown but that was unexpectedly cancelled, so we switched gears and headed to Culina Mill Creek instead for a very late lunch.



The exterior was very cute, with a couple of tables out on the patio for those who enjoy the cooler fall air. We arrived at 1:30pm, in the nick of time as their kitchen closes at 2pm to prepare for dinner seating. There were only a couple of empty tables but you could tell the staff was busy tidying up to close up shop. Our waitress had to double check with the kitchen to see if they would still cook for us and thank God they could!

Culina’s Brunch Menu

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Neither of us had been there before and Sharon was eager to try the eggs benedict, having heard from a co-worker that the Hollandaise sauce was delicious. We both jumped to the item on the menu, overlooking everything else. Our waitress then said that the kitchen was out of the praised sauce and instead they could substitute a mushroom cream sauce. A little disheartened, we agreed and Sharon ordered hers with bacon, while I ordered mine with the maple sage sausage. I spent a little more time looking at the menu after ordering and everything else looked delicious! Even the drinks looked appetizing and if it wasn’t for my habit of drinking something warm with my first meal of the day, I would have been all up for ordering a nice cocktail!

Eggs Benedict

Side of Maple Sage Sausage

Only a few minutes later, our waitress returned and told us there was enough Hollandaise sauce for our dishes. Pure excitement overcame the both of us as if this would make the rest of our day (it most likely did). Two poached eggs covered in a beautifully smooth Hollandaise sauce served on top of toast with a side of crispy potatoes came out promptly. My dish came out with mushrooms, however, instead of the maple sage sausage that I ordered. I didn’t mind and I’m a wuss for complaining to servers about wrong orders but I did clarify with her that I had ordered the sausage. Our server was such a sweetheart and quickly brought out a side order for us to taste. I thought the Hollandaise sauce was well made, not too heavy, not too runny, had a bit of a kick to it and the eggs were poached absolutely perfect! Sharon’s dish looked identical to mine (just picture bacon instead of mushrooms), and she wondered if it was inappropriate if she asked for ketchup to go along with her potatoes. I’m very thankful she did! The ketchup at Culina is on the spicier side, almost reminiscent of sriracha. Although the potatoes were perfectly seasoned, I loved eating them with the ketchup!

All in all, I was very impressed with Culina’s service and quality of food. I will most definitely be back to try their dinner menu, and this will be one of the first places that comes to mind when searching for breakfast or brunch.

Culina Mill Creek
9914 – 89 Ave
(780) 437-5588
Twitter: MillcreekCulina
Facebook: Culina Family

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