Izakaya Dorinku: Chicken Karaage
14 Aug 2016

Dorinku: Izakaya Eats on Whyte Avenue

With the opening of Izakaya Dorinku last July, Edmonton is now home to a total of three Japanese pub-style eateries. About time. I’m already a fan of small plates and tapas-style dining but an izakaya is a whole other dining experience to a lot of people. Loud, rambunctious, and filled

SABOR Seafood Festival 2016: Gambas al Ajillo
02 Aug 2016

Preview: SABOR Seafood Festival 2016 (August 5 – September 3)

Last week I had the opportunity to be Diane’s guest at the 3rd annual SABOR Seafood Festival preview event, and admittedly, my first at the festival! Not only does SABOR feature flavours of Iberian coastal cuisine from Spain and Portugal on a nightly basis, it’s menu is based on using

K-Days 2016: Meatball Sub on a Stick
29 Jul 2016

K-Days 2016

I absolutely love summers in Edmonton — there’s always a festival going on, and plenty that are food related! One of the sure signs that summer is in full swing is K-Days, Edmonton’s biggest festival.   K-Days runs from July 22 to July 31 at Northlands this year, so you