Ohana-Ya: Miso Ramen
20 May 2015

Ohana Ya Japanese Restaurant: Entering the Ramen Race

Edmonton’s ramen race has begun. There’s been an influx of ramen lately, from pop ups to storefronts and I could not ask for anything else for my hometown – ramen is my absolute favourite thing to eat. Hands down. Ohana Ya Japanese Restaurant in St. Albert is the latest to

Tofu House: Seafood Tofu Stew
19 May 2015

Tofu House: Cracking the Egg in Korean Stews

Kimchi. Bulgogi. Korean fried chicken and bibimbap. Some of the more common Korean dishes and the most easily accessible for us here in Edmonton. What you need to order at Tofu House is one of the eight bowls of tofu stews. Our cold winter days seem behind us now and

Cerdo Tacos + Tequila: Carnitas Tacos
14 May 2015

Cerdo Tacos + Tequila: Mexican Fare in St. Albert

In March, St. Albert welcomed the new Cerdo Tacos + Tequila, a Mexican eatery located in the central Perron District and heart of the city. Sister restaurant to the neighboring Jack’s Burger Shack, Cerdo Tacos + Tequila offers a wide variety of starters, huevo bowls, tacos and a drinks menu