Alberta Hotel Bar and Kitchen: Pembina Pork Cheeks
23 Nov 2015

Alberta Hotel Bar and Kitchen: (Re)establishing Honest Food

First off, thank you to Alberta Hotel Bar and Kitchen for getting me back into the swing of blogging again; it feels like it’s been awhile since the last restaurant review! With a grand opening last Thursday, dinner at the old Tavern 1903 space (may it rest in peace) on

JACEK Chocolate Couture Advent Calendar 2015
26 Oct 2015

Giveaway: JACEK Chocolate Couture Advent Calendar 2015

Christmas is coming at you a little bit earlier this year with the launch of JACEK Chocolate Couture’s second annual Advent Calendar. Last year’s calendar was the Cocoanista’s first at offering daily manifestations of fashion through chocolate in a calendar format and one that sold out within four hours of

Drink Good Coffee
22 Oct 2015

Giveaway: Good Coffee, A Cup That Impacts Much More

I’m sure you all are aware that I love coffee and visiting cafés during my days off is one of my favourite ways to unwind. Is it a shame that I don’t have a grinder at home to make my own? It sure is. Although my Nespresso and local downtown