Seoul Fried Chicken: Onion Lover
08 Feb 2016

Seoul Fried Chicken: Taking KFC To New Heights

Seoul Fried Chicken opened its doors earlier this month, promising to spread the growing Korean fried chicken craze to Edmonton’s hungriest. The term KFC really means Korean fried chicken to me now. According to the eatery, “everyone loves fried chicken” and with their “seven ways ’til Sunday”, you can literally

Love Pizza: Meatatarian
01 Feb 2016

Love Pizza: Creating Memories Through People, Places, and Pizza

Love Pizza opened its doors last week in the Canterra Shopping Centre on 109th Street and Jasper Avenue, much to the excitement of the downtown crowd. Goodbye Planet Beach Tanning, hello Love Pizza! It’s a good trade for me as I’m about to make the transfer to work in the

North 53 x Anju Pop-Up: Short Ribs & Boba
01 Feb 2016

Recap: North 53 x Anju Pop-Up Dinner

When North 53 announced it was doing a pop-up dinner with Calgary’s Anju, the event quickly earned a spot in my calendar. Save a trip and have the popular eatery come to one of Edmonton’s best restaurant? Yes, please! Throw in a couple (or more) cocktails and I’m sorry, but